3 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

Many people prefer carpeting in their living rooms. It’s important for these people to keep in mind that the carpet should be kept clean as well. Dust accumulation in carpeting can actually adversely affect household members who suffer from asthma or snoring. So, if it is not possible for homeowners to keep the carpet cleans, a professional carpet cleaner should be hired.

Carpet cleaners use a variety of cleaning processes while tackling dirty carpets and rugs. The method they opt for depend upon several factors like environmental conditions, cost of cleaning, fiber type, degree of carpet soiling and so on. However, here we have discussed about the various methods used by the leading companies that offer expert carpet cleaning in Geelong.

Steam cleaning carpet

This is one of the most common methods to clean carpet. This method is also popular as hot water extraction. In this process, water is heated until boiled and implanted into carpet under under force. The heated water loosens dirt effectively and the machine that cleans carpet immediately draws dirt and moisture right away. Detergents are used for carpets that are heavily soiled. The steam cleaning method is helpful in killing bacteria, removing odors and dust mites. Although there are some shortcomings of this carpet cleaning method, it is still the most popular one among the homeowners and the cleaning services.

Carpet shampooing

This is the method that was originally used by the professional carpet cleaning companies. In this method, a foamy sort of chemical is spread on the flooring material and brushed in with a power-driven circular brush. The process works best for low-pile, heavily soiled carpet. Since this method doesn’t involve any extraction, the carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly for removing the residue and the soil. However, a number of professional carpet cleaners advocate steam cleaning carpet to be more beneficial than this traditional method.

Dry cleaning

In this method, no water is used virtually. The professional cleaner sprinkles some amount of a compound over the floor covering and makes use of a mechanical brush to get the job done, dissolving the soil. Then the residue and soil are drawn up by using a vacuum cleaner.However, it has been noticed that a carpet dries quickly with this method. Natural fiber carpets that have been damaged benefit from this cleaning procedure.

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